We are a licensed MGA for The Zenith.

If you are not currently appointed with Zenith, we can now take Submissions on many classes of business.

You can be assured that we will work in cooperation with you to provided excellent service to your client. As an appointed agent, you have access to Zenith, while still receiving a standard commission. You retain exclusive control of your business. The staff at MMA Programs is comprised of former Zenith employees and management. We are former Underwriters and Underwriting Assistants. With MMA Programs you have a carrier you can trust, a standard commission and a familiar staff. What could be easier?

To submit business we will need:

  • - Complete Acord Application (2000/08 edition preferred)
  • - FEIN/ SSN
  • - X Mod Worksheet, if available
  • - Three years of currently valued loss runs: must be valued within 90 days of effective date. ON LARGER ACCOUNTS: Please provide carrier's most recent monthly loss report.
  • - Earned Premium for last three years.
  • - Information on individual losses in excess of $25,000.
  • - Client website information and e-mail address, if available.


To be eligible for a quote, your client:

  • - Must not use contractors, sub-contractors, or contract labor without first receiving Certificate of Insurance.
  • - Must not own, operate or lease aircraft or watercraft.
  • - Has not filed for bankruptcy in the last five years.
  • - This applies to the business; it’s owners and officers.
  • - Must not have been cancelled previously for non-payment on their WC policy. Your client’s WC policy has not been sent for Direct Collection or had any lapses in coverage.
  • - Will provide information on all business engaged in or that they own.
  • - Is subject to classification guidelines.


Andrew Schultz
Program Production Executive – Metalworkers – Component Manufacturing 858.750.4556